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About this Project

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, made possible by the Australian Antarctic Division in association with the ANAT, enables people from the creative community to experience Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic, and Australia’s activities in these locations, so that they may communicate this unique experience.  During the [xx] southern hemisphere summer season Dr Amber Boardman spent 8 weeks as The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow

"I am the daughter of working-class parents. My mother was a waitress and my stepfather ran an excavator. I grew up moving each year as our family chased construction jobs. I have fond memories of sledding down snow-covered mounds of dirt on construction sites. I was fascinated by my stepfather’s innovative solutions to mechanical problems when resources were scarce. As an adult, I am interested in the way these creative skills and contributions can be overlooked and undervalued. The unique circumstances of tradespeople in Antarctica are of personal interest to me. Without these essential workers, day to day operations are impossible. The goal of this project is to shine a light on the essential tradespeople living and working on the Nuyina and on an Antarctic station by telling their stories through my paintings.

The project comprises a travelling exhibition of paintings, lecture series (recorded and available on You Tube), exhibition catalogue (publically available for digital download on ISSUU) and interviews with Antarctic Expeditioners (available on You Tube). Use the links below to view the project archives. 


Exhibition and Lecture Series dates 

Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney [dates]

Australian National University, Canberra [dates]
University of Sydney, Verge Gallery [dates]
Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA [dates]
UK Art Museum, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA [dates]
Sandler Hudson Gallery, Atlanta, USA [dates]

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