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Over the last several years the central theme in my work has been about the influence of the internet on crowds and societal norms. In this exhibition, thirteen paintings follow a train of thought that begins with the question, “what would it look like if I could contain the entire internet?” This got me thinking about containers in a more general way and about how many of us try to hold and organize things that are impossible to control. I think of painting like this too. A canvas is an idea container. It’s an attempt to organise unruly ideas and messy, oily paint into something coherent. Something meaning-making.

Over the course of the pandemic, I watched the reverence for place, space, and home evolve into a feverish boom, and I landed on the focus of real estate as a container. A container for our stuff, our money and the mundane and dramatic events of our lives.

The exhibition started with the 5 smallest paintings in the show, each relating to different apparatus for containment, such as a file cabinet, a bag of bags, a junk drawer. Each painting in the show focuses on various aspects of a reverence for home, and the objects and events that take place there.

Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne, Sept 27 - Oct 15 2022



I think a lot about the number of decisions we make in a day. These tiny decisions—many of them screen-based—gradually deplete us as our behaviours are continually nudged by algorithms. In addition to the macro concept of decision fatigue in everyday life, these works also reference the process of painting and the thousands of tiny decisions I have to make as an artist. 

Chalk Horse, Sydney, Jan 28 - Feb 27 2021